Tweets today

23:22 Blog: Tweets today #

23:46 The TV has been unplugged because of the disconcerting smell of ionised air when it was turned on. #

00:14 I shall tell you more tomorrow #Transformers #

13:22 Blog: Levenshulme’s Little Ghost Town #

15:02 First pie for the piecnic is in the oven. Breaking for home made crisps then starting on the banoffee. #

15:21 Blog: La Resistance #

15:41 Dad-dancing around the kitchen to an easy listening version of the Hawaii 5-0 theme. #

16:23 Blog: Kittens! #

16:23 Blog: I know you little libertine #

16:48 Pie 1 may not have worked. Banoffee should be done tomorrow to keep from being soggy. Pie activities for the day are thus ended. #

18:22 Blog: Car with Banksy style stencils #

19:47 They’re stealing all the chairs! #

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