Tweets today

23:21 Blog: Tweets today #

08:25 Banoffee for breakfast! #

08:30 RT @Danacea: Buffy movie – but no Joss, and nothing to do with the TV series! #

09:56 Not inspired by this week’s films. If anyone wants to see Night at the Museum 2 or 12 Rounds then I’ll look up times. #

11:44 What ever possessed me to fill the trees with cross hatching? #

11:46 @timdifford I’d recommend a single speed #

12:07 @timdifford I’d say simplicity, there are fewer components to break. And riding a single speed is relaxing. #

13:24 @timdifford If I didn’t already own two bikes I’d be tempted. #

13:51 Save the World: Car free Times Square #

15:20 On Two Wheels- Boris Johnson’s near miss #

15:20 The modern idiot is here and plain to see. #

17:20 Blog: How gay marriage causes earthquakes #

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