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09:28 RT @DaveGorman: *ReTweet* Wow! @jackschofield: Mouse completes obstacle course – video www.wimp.com/petstunt/ #

10:44 Save the World: What should the US do with General Motors? tinyurl.com/o6qqrv #

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13:27 BBC News just did a feature on the dangers of trampolining. And now on the different accents of town/country Great Tits. Silly season. #

13:29 @SkippyUK because you have a silly name? ;-P #

13:58 Scale: The Military Vehicle Technology Foundation tinyurl.com/r36sa2 #

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Bizarre Ships- Monitors

Monitor1 Monitor2

The Monitor and its offspring were probably the first modern battleships. Having guns in a rotating armoured turret and presenting very little structure above water, the Monitor was effective against the tall fixed gun ships of the day. It’s first battle was, famously, against the Merrimac- a sort of floating fort captured and modified by the South.

More at The Monitor Centre and the US Navy’s own site.

What should the US do with General Motors?

The United States government has bailed out General Motors and now holds a majority stake in the company. Should they use that power to demand some serious changes to the company’s output and outlook? Michael Moore has a vision for a reconfigured GM that involves mass transit and renewable energy.

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