Tweets today

23:17 Blatant self promotion- buy my books and the Memory DVD at #

23:18 Blog: Tweets today #

09:28 RT @DaveGorman: *ReTweet* Wow! @jackschofield: Mouse completes obstacle course – video #

10:44 Save the World: What should the US do with General Motors? #

12:20 Blog: Gran Turismo 5 teaser #

13:20 Blog: RIP David Eddings #

13:27 BBC News just did a feature on the dangers of trampolining. And now on the different accents of town/country Great Tits. Silly season. #

13:29 @SkippyUK because you have a silly name? ;-P #

13:58 Scale: The Military Vehicle Technology Foundation #

14:14 @grimnorth Pie rage? #

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