Tweets today

23:18 Blog: Bizarre Ships- Monitors #

23:18 Blog: Tweets today #

23:48 Terminator 4 was better than the reviews would have you believe. ITV has T2 on right now. #

02:21 On Two Wheels- I think I’ve found the perfect pedals for commuting #

10:39 Check out my Mini Art Car parade at #

13:03 Off to vote. Good job I know where the polling station is because there’s not even a postcode on the polling card to help me find it. #

14:31 RT @warrenellis: Britain is, by definition and design, many cultures in one country. Say no to anyone who even begins to argue otherwise. #

14:33 Into town to buy dip pens, indian ink and maybe comics. Then to studio to ink a sex scene or two. #

22:25 RT @BrianReed: Tetris is 25 years old. Ow. #

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