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Tweets today

23:08 @LawrencePL Every year the spinney needs clear cutting to regrow lush and healthy. How’s things? #

23:17 @Kalyr We know an urban gnome. Don’t know if he sleeps standing up. And he may be a protected species. #

23:42 Tomorrow I must buy the bits to build a nuclear bomb (prop) and draw more sex scenes. Busy. #

08:16 Listening to Nick Griffin what a tosser. Accusing bbc of being race obsessed whilst claiming whites are discriminated against. #

10:53 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/lqgwp4 #

10:53 Blog: Nick Griffin is not my MEP tinyurl.com/ndtkkj #

11:29 @marcelbooth Absolutely fair. There’s nothing wrong with letting them know we don’t support them. #

13:40 Blog: Suitcase nukes tinyurl.com/lzjq35 #

13:43 RT @kirstinbutler: English will cross the 1 million word mark on June 10th, according to the Global Language Monitor is.gd/T3Jc #

14:01 @marcelbooth Protesters aren’t looking to change the result, just make a point. BNP will likely be so useless they’re voted out next time. #

16:44 Issues with transfers is holding up bomb making. Will continue tomorrow when the matt cote has dried. #

17:13 Off to check out the anti bnp demo in Piccadilly Gardens. #

17:52 Holy shit! Johnny Weinberg! There’s a face from my distant past. #

18:01 I’m not one of life’s chanters or banner wavers. Sorry folks. #

18:45 Blog: Anti fascist demo on Piccadilly Gardens tinyurl.com/lcokvg #

18:55 @brianfrost Cool. #

18:57 @maskeddave tis true, but after hearing him on R4 this morning I had to vent. #

19:40 Blog: Don’t blame me. I voted Green tinyurl.com/lsk2vm #

20:38 @MsLaudanum Thanks for the support. #

20:46 Blog: Bloody hell, I’m in a mood today. Here’s another reason- cyclist endangering advice from the Telegraph tinyurl.com/r7krfs #

20:48 Scale: The world’s biggest model railway layout tinyurl.com/mvs3w8 #

22:39 On Two Wheels- Bad Advice from the Telegraph tinyurl.com/nc62sl #

22:39 On Two Wheels- How many people are hit by cars in Bournemouth every year? tinyurl.com/morwkv #

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Bloody hell, I’m in a mood today. Here’s another reason- cyclist endangering advice from the Telegraph

Cross posted from my Manchester Evening News cycling blog, with a version emailed to Honest John and copied to the CTC’s campaigns officer-

A question and answer in the Telegraph’s Honest John motoring column

Spin cycle

I had an accident on January 31. I have now been told by the police that I am going to be prosecuted for driving without due care and attention. The statement from the police says the accident occurred on a different road to the one on which it actually took place. As the accident also involved a pushbike, should the adult cyclist have been breathalysed, as I was? Incidentally, mine was negative. I have been told that if I plead guilty it will only cost me £43 and three points. If I plead not guilty then I will have to travel 100 miles and may have to pay witnesses that may be called. I wouldn’t mind doing this if I thought I could get away with being found not guilty. Could it go in my favour if I stated the truth, that the cyclist wore no helmet or fluorescent coat or markings?

W.R., Wem

You need to talk to a good solicitor and appraise him of the full facts. If you are saying the cyclist wove into your path and caused the collision, then that, combined with him not wearing fluorescent clothing, might lead to a decision in your favour rather than his.

This is full of wrong assumptions. The rider’s lack of helmet and fluorescent wear is irrelevant. The driver should have been paying enough attention to the road to see him. Perhaps the cyclist should have been breathalysed, but again, I think it’s irrelevant. If there had been any indication he was intoxicated the Police would certainly have made him take a test.

But what’s worse is the advice given by Honest John. He suggests claiming the it was the cyclist’s fault and blaming him for not wearing something he isn’t obliged to wear. This is a blame the victim mentality. Drivers shouldn’t be so blind to other road users that the only safe thing to do is wrap yourself in metal or glow like you’re radioactive. And motoring advice columns in serious newspapers should not hand out loophole suggestions to someone who wants to “get away” with an offence that could have killed or seriously injured someone.

I shall be emailing Honest John about this (letters@honestjohn.co.uk if you’re interested) and sending a copy to the CTC, who may be interested in what he has to say.

Anti fascist demo on Piccadilly Gardens

It doesn’t look like much, but in less than a day they could get more people together than the bnp manages for their pre planned, high profile demos, such as the one they allegedly hold against Pride.

Nick Griffin is not my MEP

Nick Griffin is not my MEP, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

He isn’t. I didn’t vote for him, and I want people to know that.

Get this image on clothes and mugs at Cafe Press.

Listen to his interview on the Today programme. Not what I wanted to wake up to. But it made me angry enough to get out of bed earlier than normal.