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23:08 @LawrencePL Every year the spinney needs clear cutting to regrow lush and healthy. How’s things? #

23:17 @Kalyr We know an urban gnome. Don’t know if he sleeps standing up. And he may be a protected species. #

23:42 Tomorrow I must buy the bits to build a nuclear bomb (prop) and draw more sex scenes. Busy. #

08:16 Listening to Nick Griffin what a tosser. Accusing bbc of being race obsessed whilst claiming whites are discriminated against. #

10:53 Blog: Tweets today #

10:53 Blog: Nick Griffin is not my MEP #

11:29 @marcelbooth Absolutely fair. There’s nothing wrong with letting them know we don’t support them. #

13:40 Blog: Suitcase nukes #

13:43 RT @kirstinbutler: English will cross the 1 million word mark on June 10th, according to the Global Language Monitor #

14:01 @marcelbooth Protesters aren’t looking to change the result, just make a point. BNP will likely be so useless they’re voted out next time. #

16:44 Issues with transfers is holding up bomb making. Will continue tomorrow when the matt cote has dried. #

17:13 Off to check out the anti bnp demo in Piccadilly Gardens. #

17:52 Holy shit! Johnny Weinberg! There’s a face from my distant past. #

18:01 I’m not one of life’s chanters or banner wavers. Sorry folks. #

18:45 Blog: Anti fascist demo on Piccadilly Gardens #

18:55 @brianfrost Cool. #

18:57 @maskeddave tis true, but after hearing him on R4 this morning I had to vent. #

19:40 Blog: Don’t blame me. I voted Green #

20:38 @MsLaudanum Thanks for the support. #

20:46 Blog: Bloody hell, I’m in a mood today. Here’s another reason- cyclist endangering advice from the Telegraph #

20:48 Scale: The world’s biggest model railway layout #

22:39 On Two Wheels- Bad Advice from the Telegraph #

22:39 On Two Wheels- How many people are hit by cars in Bournemouth every year? #

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