Daily archives: June 9, 2009

Tweets today

23:44 Alex wants gel torsos. Where do we find some? #

02:50 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/nge8xv #

11:58 I won’t be at this week’s film. You could try Fighting @ 7.45 @ AMC #

12:39 Blog: British shirts for British protesting! tinyurl.com/nmx6fx #

12:39 Blog: Liam Neeson loves it when a plan comes together tinyurl.com/lreg6e #

13:01 I’m a bad man, I’m arguing with Gribbit again. bit.ly/HPaMt #

13:02 This week I should get a cheque that will, albeit briefly, put me above break even for the year. It’s not a living, but it’s promising. #

15:31 Radiation symbols and DANGER signs attached to nuclear bomb and control box. Will seal transfers later. #

16:19 I have now heard the new Lily Allen song enough times for it to become annoying. #

16:34 Just got Clint Boon to tell Manchester I’m building a nuclear bomb. He sounded a little worried. #

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Build your own wind turbines

Windmills aren’t the best solution for urban microgeneration- nearby buildings tend to make the airflow too rough for them to run efficiently. But they are cool technology if you happen to live far enough away from your neighbours and can get away with erecting a mast. So, to inspire you, here is the Instructables page on DIY wind power.

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British shirts for British protesting!

Ms Laudanum reminded me of Spreadshirt, a T-shirt printing company based in the UK. The first design I’ve uploaded is yesterday’s “Nick Griffin is NOT my MEP” one so now you can be doubly patriotic- protest an arsehole who doesn’t represent Britain whilst buying from a British company. (I make a little on every sale as well.)

Visit the Spinneyhead shop at Spreadshirt.