Tweets today

23:44 Alex wants gel torsos. Where do we find some? #

02:50 Blog: Tweets today #

11:58 I won’t be at this week’s film. You could try Fighting @ 7.45 @ AMC #

12:39 Blog: British shirts for British protesting! #

12:39 Blog: Liam Neeson loves it when a plan comes together #

13:01 I’m a bad man, I’m arguing with Gribbit again. #

13:02 This week I should get a cheque that will, albeit briefly, put me above break even for the year. It’s not a living, but it’s promising. #

15:31 Radiation symbols and DANGER signs attached to nuclear bomb and control box. Will seal transfers later. #

16:19 I have now heard the new Lily Allen song enough times for it to become annoying. #

16:34 Just got Clint Boon to tell Manchester I’m building a nuclear bomb. He sounded a little worried. #

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