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I think I want a flying hydrofoil

The X-Planes tumbleblog has been doing a special feature on the Schneider trophy. The race was for flying boats and the floats they needed slowed the planes down. In 1929 the Italians came up with a typically gorgeous but mad design that tried to get around this. The Piaggio-Pegna PC.7 had a fuselage that doubled as a hull, two little hydrofoils instead of floats and a screw and rudder that would power and control the aircraft whilst the propeller was submerged. When it reached a sufficient speed the hydrofoils would lift the body, and propeller, clear of the water and the drive could be switched over. The one seated plane had too many controls that neede attention at once for one man to be able to operate it.

It’s completely mad, and it looks like the sort of thing you’d see in an anime or propellerpunk alternate history. It never flew.

Tweets today

23:10 Save the World: Build your own wind turbines tinyurl.com/nbcyqp #

23:51 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/ngguve #

00:47 Blog: Mini monster truck tinyurl.com/kvvd7s #

01:31 Rewritten The Battle of Paris chapter in a rare burst of activity on Sounds of Soldiers. Also reformatted & spellchecked current draft. #

09:48 RT @doctorow: Boris is governing London about as well as you could expect from posh TV presenter whose main issue was ‘I like old buses more #

13:11 This morning I have mostly been stirring up trouble. I’m normally so meek. #

13:34 Blog: How to fuck with the BNP tinyurl.com/mr7rey #

15:31 On Two Wheels- Honest John has replied to my email tinyurl.com/l7dac3 #

16:57 Douchebag moron libtarded Eurotrash and proud. I think someone may have Tourettes is.gd/XmPq #

18:15 RT @brianfrost: Haynes are producing one of their Owners Workshop Manuals for Apollo 11. Want! #

18:32 On the way into town to talk to actors about filming on Saturday. #

18:46 25 Shall We Take A Trip pages inked. Last 4 all sex. Got 3 for cliffhangers and set ups. Then covers, maybe text pages. Cool. #

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How to fuck with the BNP

From the Whitechapel message boards.

This may or may not last here. Even if it doesn’t, then if you read it before it goes, please yank it and distribute.

I’m possibly not the only person it’ll occur to, due to ideaspace, and I hope it goes far and wide anyway.

Right. Here goes:

1. The BNP winning European parliament seats means they have a budget to employ staff and various sub-contractors.
2. These budgets and staff positions are subject to anti-discrimination laws, as they come from public funds.
3. Watch out for when these positions are advertised. If anyone sees them advertised, chuck the ads about on as many social networks, blogs etc as possible.
4. Man the Harpoons – If you fall outside of the BNP’s discriminatory membership criteria, due to being black, Jewish, whatever, apply. If you are white British and want to help out this plan anyway, just spread the idea about.
5. When you/they don’t get the job, take it to an employment tribunal.
6. ????
7. Profit.

Even if you’re not especially bothered about taking the BNP to an employment tribunal, spreading this idea about, and forcing them to consider it and raaage over how unfair to the poor ickle racialists it is, it’s still funny.