Tweets today

23:10 Save the World: Build your own wind turbines #

23:51 Blog: Tweets today #

00:47 Blog: Mini monster truck #

01:31 Rewritten The Battle of Paris chapter in a rare burst of activity on Sounds of Soldiers. Also reformatted & spellchecked current draft. #

09:48 RT @doctorow: Boris is governing London about as well as you could expect from posh TV presenter whose main issue was ‘I like old buses more #

13:11 This morning I have mostly been stirring up trouble. I’m normally so meek. #

13:34 Blog: How to fuck with the BNP #

15:31 On Two Wheels- Honest John has replied to my email #

16:57 Douchebag moron libtarded Eurotrash and proud. I think someone may have Tourettes #

18:15 RT @brianfrost: Haynes are producing one of their Owners Workshop Manuals for Apollo 11. Want! #

18:32 On the way into town to talk to actors about filming on Saturday. #

18:46 25 Shall We Take A Trip pages inked. Last 4 all sex. Got 3 for cliffhangers and set ups. Then covers, maybe text pages. Cool. #

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