Tweets today

23:44 Blog: Tweets today #

00:42 Blog: Jedi would have been so much better if they’d replaced the Ewoks with chipmunks #

11:01 Save the World: The XR3 hybrid is ugly but efficient #

12:31 No doubt my video editing technique would give a professional nightmares. But I’m getting there with the first version. #

13:40 Watching 24. For research purposes, obviously. #

16:45 Very rough first cut done, but the editor’s become grouchy. So I shall read up on the effects I want to use on it. #

17:28 TwitterFox on the laptop is showing me tweets sent "about one day from now". Someone say something momentous I can bet on please. #

17:30 @awardsounds researching how to make split screens. I suspect masks and other trickery. #

18:06 @awardsounds Similar to what I’d started doing. Which is good. Shall do more tomorrow probably. Depends upon access to the computer. #

20:45 Blog: Maunsell Towers #

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