Tweets today

23:43 Blog: Tweets today #

11:15 To the video editron! (aka Damian’s mac) #

11:29 Video editron engaged! #

12:52 Getting closer. Not happy with the last few seconds. Shall ponder it over lunch. #

15:30 I think the end will work when I add some sound effects. Time to get a water melon. #

17:12 This Wednesday’s film is Transformers 2 @ 6.50 @ AMC #

17:51 WAtermelon purchased. Now I shall wait for the household’s knife wielding maniac to come home so we can do this properly. #

19:49 Presents: Magic Lantern extends the Canon 5D’s video capabilities #

20:47 I think we can safely say that watermelon won’t cause us any more trouble. #

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