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Tweets today

23:44 Blog: Tweets today tinyurl.com/n77hvh #

01:33 Just cracked one of the chapter rewrites that was holding me up on Sounds of Soldiers. Wish I could get inspiration bursts before midnight. #

01:48 Blog: Apologies for the lack of activity on Spinneyhead tinyurl.com/ltwkfh #

03:43 On Two Wheels- Building a bike frame without a professional jig tinyurl.com/lmjqzs #

10:31 Just received dirty comic album I ordered a month or so ago. I’ll be quiet for a little while. #

10:58 @BigDaveSB a Wallace? #

11:31 RT @BigDaveSB: A Wallace is £1k, as in A Grand Day Out @Spinneyhead and others #

13:07 If you’re in London help @BigDaveSB raise a grand for charity in a day. He’s currently at Liverpool Street Tube station #undergrand #

13:11 Treacle tart and watermelon. A balanced lunch. #

14:23 Visiting the Manchester Met art and design degree show. Always inspiring to see what others have done. #

15:36 I really need to get myself business cases done. #

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Transformers 2 is the ultimate arthouse film

It’s like Un Chien Andalou on mecha steroids, at least according to this review. I’ve just seen it, and I’m inclined to agree.

Transformers: ROTF has mostly gotten pretty hideous reviews, but that’s because people don’t understand that this isn’t a movie, in the conventional sense. It’s an assault on the senses, a barrage of crazy imagery. Imagine that you went back in time to the late 1960s and found Terry Gilliam, fresh from doing his weird low-fi collage/animations for Monty Python. You proceeded to inject Gilliam with so many steroids his penis shrank to the size of a hair follicle, and you smushed a dozen tabs of LSD under his tongue. And then you gave him the GDP of a few sub-Saharan countries. Gilliam might have made a movie not unlike this one.