Tweets today

23:39 Blog: Transformers 2 is the ultimate arthouse film #

23:39 Blog: Tweets today #

11:43 Blog: How to build a high pressure steam boiler from scratch #

11:43 Thunderbird is being super slow today. I think the Inbox folder has sailed past a useable size. #

12:27 @manchesterisace Oklahoma might. I’d start any search in the Northern Quarter. #

15:48 MAcs may be lovely, wonderful machines but could they please make it easier for me to choose where I want to save things to! #

16:10 @SkippyUK Not in Compressor. It offers no obvious way of changing where it saves files to. Really bloody annoying. #

18:46 Blog: The baloney detection kit #

19:44 Blog: RIP Farrah Fawcett #

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