Tweets today

23:40 Blog: Tweets today #

03:46 Blog: Sounds of Soldiers – Passing Judgement #

11:52 Banquo’s Ghosts sounds like the exact opposite of Sounds of Soldiers #

12:47 This week’s Orange Wednesday film is Blood: The Last Vampire @ 7.20 @ amc #

15:30 Blog: How to take street portraits #

17:11 TwittGeek – Automatically follow geeks like you on Twitter #

19:41 Blog: The cherry stout experiment begins #

20:28 You write one mini chapter about shooting a man and suddenly all the ads on your blog are for bulletproof vests. What’s the world coming to? #

22:32 Fudoh – The New Generation was bizarre, bloody and very Japanese- death by quim propelled dart anyone? #

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