Daily archives: July 12, 2009

Neo nazis in the US military

This is another of the elements that went into Sounds of Soldiers. There is evidence that a small, but significant, number of US military personnel are members of hate groups. The Southern Poverty Law Centre, cited in the report, have done other investigations into the problem. It seems they’ve mostly been ignored.

As a folow up the Stripes site has this- White supremacist leader says half of his group has served in the military.

Bitter Sweets

With thanks to Comosa, who responded to one of last night’s tweets. Yes, they do make anti Love Hearts – Bitter Sweets.

For most, there is no crueler day of the calendar year than that of Valentine’s Day. While a tiny fraction of the population can look forward to a holiday of wine and roses, poetry and song, the vast majority of us can anticipate a day of nausea and grimacing, trauma and grief. A day in which minutes seem like hours, and hours like days, as we reflect sorrowfully on yesteryear’s romantic indignities, today’s loneliness, and the unknowable but certain heartbreak that will be visited upon us repeatedly in the years to come.

When cruelty and holidays collide, the weak-willed find solace in self-pity and comfort foods. And now, Despair Inc. is pleased to announce that we’ve combined BOTH into a radical new offering.

Introducing Bittersweets – The Valentine’s Candy for the Rest of Us.

Where the rooms are carpetted with copper

Image from notcot.com

The floor of The Standard Grill in The Standard Hotel in New York is laid with pennies. I imagine it’s a surprise to find out how the floor gets that lovely colour.

Comments on the post point out a Paul Smith boutique with walls decorated in pennies and that the Hotel Congress in Tuscon has a similar floor.