Daily archives: July 20, 2009

Pick the cover design for Shall We Take A Trip?

I have two designs in mind for the first issue of Shall We Take A Trip?. I’ve done some roughs and I’d like to hear what people think.

Shall We Take A Trip? cover rough 1

Version 1. As the story is partly about nostalgia and takes place on the set of a movie set in the ’90s this cover is meant to show the progress from then to now. From home made compilation tape to home made compilation cd to carrying your music around digitally. The bottom image may become a generic mp3 player.

Shall We Take A Trip? cover rough

Version 2. This is a black and white rough. The final version will be in colour. I may even do it as a photo. The elements are taken from the book’s first sex scene. In fact, I think everything’s there apart from the copulating couple. As the comic’s all about sex it’s more honest about the insides than version 1.

Fonts and type colours are open for change, obviously. The ones used are there to give an idea of text placement.

So, which one’s your favourite? Which one do you think will sell better? Any ideas for improvements/ better designs?

The next time I cycle I’m gonna bring a gun!

Who’s that wanker in your rear view mirror
Who’s that tosser in the Carter shirt
Who’s that loser in the ford granada
Who’s that bleeder with his face in the dirt

Where’s that copper when you need him badly
Where’s Homer Simpson where is Bart
Where’s your sense of right and justice
Where’s my knowledge of the martial arts

Fish Face you’re a fish face you’re a disgrace
And am sick and tired sick and tired
Fish Face waste of road space off of your face
And am sick and tired sick and tired

I’m that bloke with the broken racer
I’m that bloke with the fractured arm
You’re that bloke with no insurance
And I’m that bloke who’s not keeping calm

I don’t suppose you have ever read the highway code
You know that you shouldn’t be allowed on the road


I remember when the bicycle was safe and it was fun
The next time I cycle I’m gonna bring a gun!

That’s right Fish Face
Just for you

Abdoujaparov – Fish Face