Daily archives: July 23, 2009

Buy Spinneyhead!

Wel, buy Spinneyhead creations, anyway.

I’ve been selling stuff on the Spinneyworld site for a while now, but the Drupal plugin to do ecommerce never really worked that well. Yesterday I tried PayPal’s own shopping cart and it was far easier to use. So I’ll be going across to that and rebuilding Spinneyworld in the near future.

In the meantime, if you click on the Direct from Spinneyhead link at the top right of the page you’ll find a list of items you can buy direct from me. There’s not a lot there yet, but I’ll add stuff as soon as possible. If you click the All Products link you’ll see the stuff that’s available through third parties as well.

Help me edit my novella, Sounds of Soldiers

I finished the first draft of Sounds of Soldiers a couple of days ago. Now I’d like to ask your help in getting it ready for publication. I have uploaded the editors’ draft of Sounds of Soldiers as a zip file (or you can find it on Scribd). Please download it, read it and tell me how you think it could be improved. Together we can make it a better novella.

The first draft of the completed story includes at least one chapter that has not been published in the serialisation on Spinneyhead, and several that have been rewritten. If you’ve been following the story, this is the best way for you to find out how the story ends. It’s in rtf format, so any text editor should be able to read it.

As a thank you I’ll find a way for everyone who sends a suggestion to get a discounted or special edition of the final book.

If you’d like to support me as I take Sounds of Soldiers to final draft please use the Donate button below.