Barack Obama’s real birth certificate finally revealed 1

Or Nirth Certifikit, as Little Green Footballs calls it. LGF used to be home to some of the most hateful, uninformed, racist arseholes imagineable (based upon the few times I visited, which were unpleasant enough to keep me away for a long time). Now it seems to be one of the few relatively sensible right wing blogs in the USA. Anyone who upsets the idiots at Stop The ACLU is fine by me.

One thought on “Barack Obama’s real birth certificate finally revealed

  • Tim (Kalyr)

    I had a quick look at LGF, and it's difficult to believe it's the same site as the one of a few years ago. Front page has not a single anti-Muslim screed, but several posts putting the boot into the BNP and the Israeli right.

    I also notice he's had a very public falling out with the far-right blogger "Fjordman", who he correctly identifies as a white supremacist who jumped on the post 9/11 anti-Islam bandwagon.

    That guy was the reason I resigned from a few years back.

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