How will the USA end? 2

Slate asked the Global Business Network to come up with scenarios for the end of the USA as it currently exists. With Sounds of Soldiers I’ve already put forward my version of the collapse scenario. I have no plans in the near future to examine any of the other possibilities, but I may come back to them in the future.

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2 thoughts on “How will the USA end?

  • Tim (Kalyr)

    Have you read Ken McLeod's "The Night Session". It's set a few years after "The Faith Wars", which ended in a civil war in the US (which the fundies lost).

  • Ian Pattinson

    Nope. But I may seek it out now. Sounds of Soldiers is a reaction to all the technothrillers I used to read. It's changed a lot from the original full on satire of the genre I had planned.

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