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Things tweeted today, including links to blog posts here and elsewhere-

23:39 Blog: Tweets today bit.ly/WWyi7 #

08:47 I know it annoys some, but the daily tweet round up on Spinneyhead may be back. I’ll change the name of it to something less twee, honest #

08:57 Into town for an interview. It’s been a while. Suit was made for someone with skinnier thighs. #

15:54 Co-op bakery sells "Ambient sausage rolls". Sausage in pastry that you’re not supposed to notice? #

21:09 Why is your Walther aimed right at my testicles? #

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“Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table.”

At last an American politician comes out and treats an anti-“Obamacare” shouter with the respect they deserve. In fact- given that Barney Frank is Jewish and she was holding up a caricature of Obama as Hitler and saying that efforts to make the US healthcare system fairer are akin to Nazism- I’d say he treated her with several orders more respect than she deserved.

via BoingBoing

Update Further evidence of just how stupid, if not downright evil, these people are. Here’s an Israeli being interviewed about the Israeli health care system. Listen for the shout from stage left about half way through, the moronic justifications of the woman who makes it and her debating techniques when confronted- which five year olds would be embarassed by.

via Daily Kos