Daily archives: August 20, 2009

Daily round up

Things tweeted today, including links to blog posts here and elsewhere-

23:35 Blog: Daily round up bit.ly/Cisv8 #

23:35 Blog: "Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table." bit.ly/MRLWL #

10:09 @samscam I’m not really at the MEN, I jut contribute to their blogs. If only they’d pay me to write about bikes. #

11:04 Blog: The Movie Titles Stills Collection bit.ly/2lUg8G #

13:45 About to head up to Cumbria to cut down trees and su chlike. #

21:33 Manchester model railway show is 3rd and 4th October. Must remember to in this year. #

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