I’m looking for an artist for an action/sci-fi/virus outbreak tale

Whilst I set about planning, scripting and eventually drawing the Space Comic I have another idea that I think deserves to be explored. The working title is Post (as in post-human) and it’s a virus outbreak tale with a twist. Amongst other things, it’s going to be the infected who have to hide from the uninfected if they want to survive. I’ve been working on the back story and have a few characters ready and the first few pages plotted. All I need is someone to help with the art and I can set it off and see where it heads.

Amongst other things you’ll get to draw abandoned secret Soviet science cities, hospitals, soldiers in Nuclear-Bacterial-Chemical suits, mutants, a sexy near immortal woman and an everyman hero struggling to stay alive long enough to pick a side as his body- and the world- begin changing at an alarming rate.

Get in touch with me at spinneyhead at gmail.com and I’ll tell you more.