A Withington architecture wander 3


When I saw that the scaffolding had started to go up around the White Lion I decided I should get some pictures of it before it went the way of Cine City.

Withington-architecture-3 Withington-architecture-4 Withington-architecture-5 Withington-architecture-7

As I was out, I figured I’d take a few more pictures around Withington. Mostly I shot decorative bits and pieces-

Withington-architecture-1 Withington-architecture-8 Withington-architecture-17 Withington-architecture-12 Withington-architecture-11 Withington-architecture-13 Withington-architecture-15 Withington-architecture-20 Withington-architecture-19 Withington-architecture-21

I know it’s not architecture, but I was impressed with this tree.


And finally, a few institutions.

Withington-architecture-2 Withington-architecture-14 Withington-architecture-18

These are amongst my first attempts to use my camera’s raw format and edit them in Photoshop Elements. Hopefuly I shall improve as I take more. I’ll also be wandering further afield.

Camera- Canon PowerShot G11

Software- Adobe Photoshop Elements 8

3 thoughts on “A Withington architecture wander

  • Damian

    You might want to get some pictures of the toast rack and fried egg. I have it on good authority that they'll be coming down soon.

  • Alan P

    Shame the white lion never managed to attracted nicer people – it's (for the time being!) quite a nice building…

    I remember going in once in 2nd year (must have been 2004/2005). There were very few chairs and tables as the locals had used them all as weapons in fights!

  • Ian Pattinson

    It was much nicer in my first year. But then, that was 1989/90. I've got some pictures somewhere of the end of year Didsbury Dozen (back when you had to start outside Didsbury to make up your dozen. I'll see if I can find them.

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