Trailer Time

King Crab Attack. I’m not sure this is a real film. If it is it’s a torrent-and-watch-after-a-couple-of-beers movie. (via io9)

Clash of the Titans. Release the Kraken!

Universal Soldier: Regeneration. Straight to dvd goodness from JCVD.

Ong Bak 3. Which reminds me, I haven’t seen Ong Bak – The Beginning yet.

I’ve removed the Kick Ass trailer because it started automatically every time the page opened, which was annoying. I may search out a version that’s better behaved.

Harlan: In the shadow of Jew Suss. Powerful stuff. Not an Orange Wednesday film, that’s for sure.

The Scenesters.

Cop Out. Directed by Kevin Smith, of whom I’m a fan. The previous trailer made it look dire. This one had me swinging between, “Yeah, it could be fun.” and “Oh dear, it’s going to be dire.”