Daily archives: February 14, 2010

Did I say 5000?

I posted about hitting the 5000th Spinneyhead post the other day.

I’ve deleted that post. I was wrong.

I should have known not to trust such a conveniently round number so soon after migrating to another platform. There are actually 9,700ish posts in the archive, but Blogger would only let me look at, and thus import, 5,000 at a time. The problem has now been solved and I think I have all the posts going all the way back to 2001 imported and, as far as possible, attributed to the correct authors.

On the subject of which, if you have posted on Spinneyhead in the past, or would like to in the future, please get in touch and I’ll see about sending you login details.

Next week I shall think about a better template and maybe some widgets.

Trailer Time

The Last Airbender.

Cannibal Girls. Resurrected 1973 horro comedy. In order not to offend those in the audience of a squeamish or prudish disposition…. The sound of a bell in the theatre will warn you to close your eyes or turn away so you can avoid witnessing certain scenes of an especially erotic or gruesome nature.

Greenlit. The travails of making a green film.



Black. Of course, I’ll have to find a version with subtitles.

The Dungeon Masters.

Killers. Mr. & Mrs. Smith [2005] [DVD] with younger pretty actors?


Centurion. Looks like it should be better than King Arthur at least.