Point of Contact, page 1

Starting today. A fun tale of first contact and the problems which ensue.

I’m still learning a lot about producing the art, so bear with me. It’s intended for publication as a black and white comic, hence the tones and shading.

I’ll be doing production notes as I go along. In jokes, nods to other media, that sort of thing.

Geri is wearing a UMIST top. The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology is no more. In our universe it merged back into the University of Manchester a few years ago, before Geri could possibly have gone there. But in the alternate where Point of Contact takes place it obviously didn’t.

Dan Moody is named after Dan Moody, reprobate and fellow Cumbrian of my acquaintance, though that’s partly by accident. I’d given my characters first names then asked if anyone I knew would like their family name immortalised in comic form. Dan the character was already half christened when both the Moody siblings volunteered their surname. Cartoon Dan has more hair than real Dan. I know how he broke his leg, but it’s only going to be revealed if the story calls for it.

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