Some things need repeating regularly

The BNP are scum.

On 24 August 2005, [BNP candidate for the London Assembly] Mr Eriksen wrote: “I’ve never understood why so many men have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the feminazi myth machine into believing that rape is such a serious crime … Rape is simply sex. Women enjoy sex, so rape cannot be such a terrible physical ordeal.

“To suggest that rape, when conducted without violence, is a serious crime is like suggesting that forcefeeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence. A woman would be more inconvenienced by having her handbag snatched.

“The demonisation of rape is all part of the feminazi desire to obtain power and mastery over men. Men who go along with the rape myth are either morons or traitors.”

Aside from the fact that anyone who uses the word “feminazi” is a moron of the highest order, this is just vile. Anyone who can vote in the London Assembly elections do your best to persuade everyone you know to vote against this arsehole.