South Cheshire Militaire 2010 1

South Cheshire Militaire 2010

Yesterday I went to Crewe for the South Cheshire Militaire model show. There are many more pictures on Flickr.

I have a modelling table in the living room, next to the computer desk, but I don’t do enough modelmaking. Shows like this, and the high standard of the entries, both inspire me and make me despair of ever being making anything that good. Nonetheless, I bought some models, including the AMT ’49 Ford I’ve been wanting. The AMT and MPC re-releases through Round 2 Models are hard to get in this country (the Polar Lights and Star Trek stuff less so, much of it is stocked by my local model shop), so it’s nice to find. My 3d modelling this afternoon shall be customising kit suitable for the ’49 and similar models.

A few links follow, clubs and companies who were there-

Model Design Construction do a lot of resin and brass upgrade parts for aircraft in 1:48th and 1:32nd. I bought some rockets and machine guns for future road warrior style vehicles. They also have a range of figures and busts which look good. This robot is a modified version of one of their products.

Sutton Coldfield Model Makers Society.

The Staffordshire Moorlands Model Club.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Modellers:UK.

Great North Roads. Diorama bases and materials.

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