Daily archives: March 14, 2010

Build your own Batmobile

Citizens of Warrington, or anybody else with access to a trailer, you can own your own Batmobile. Okay, it’s only the body, you’ll need to supply your own chassis and running gear. It’s from the Tim Burton movies and whilst that’s still cool as, it’s not a Tumbler.

My surfing of the Ebay classic car pages also turned up this Daimler Conquest/Century which is also a star car, having been in Heartbeat.

Watch this now- Requiem for Detroit

Requiem for Detroit is available on BBC iPlayer until March 20th. You should watch it, it’s incredible.

From being the USA’s fourth largest city in its heyday Detroit has suffered a slow apocalypse, destroyed by- amongst other things- the very cars which made it great. Now nature is reclaiming whole neighbourhoods, schools are closing, historic buildings are decaying and being cannibalised for scrap and the roads are all but empty. Requiem for Detroit takes us for a journey through the city and its history. It’s a powerful, scary film, but with just a hint of optimism at the end.