Daily archives: March 19, 2010

Can someone solve my DNS conundrum? 4

My other main blog is www.howtosavetheworldforfree.com, which has been running on paid for hosting for several years. However, Blogger is about to shut down its updating by FTP functions, so I thought it would be a good time to let the hosting lapse (it ran out last week) and move the blog to being hosted by Blogger.

My hosting may have ended, but I still have my domain registered with the same company for another year. I’ve logged in to their DNS management page and, following Blogger’s own instructions, made changes to the CNAME record which should point to hosting on Blogger. Except nothing’s happening, so I can’t complete the move to Blogger.

I’ve obviously misunderstood something. Could somebody who understands DNS have a look at the instructions and tell me whether I’m right to have created a new CNAME for the www subdomain or if I should be doing something else entirely.

The helmet debate hits BoingBoing

The cycle helmet debate can get a little lively at times. I’m sure BoingBoing is better moderated than most cycling forums, but it’s still getting a taste of the strong feelings after Xeni made a throwaway comment about cycle helmets in a post. I’ve even commented.

I wear a helmet whilst riding, but I don’t think other people should be forced to. There’s no law that says you must, and there shouldn’t be. The problem is that some people insist that cyclists should wear helmets for their own safety, when they do absolutely nothing to make us safer. A helmet can’t prevent a driver cutting us up or tuning without indicating. All it can do is reduce the damage to our heads if one of these idiots hits us.

Anyone wanting to make cyclists safer shouldn’t call for mandatory helmets. They should call for mandatory cycle training for drivers- to make them more aware of whatit’s like for other drivers- and harsher sentences for dangerous driving.

I Pay Road Tax

I’m not a cycling jersey wearing type- I don’t cover enough miles- but if I were I think I’d like one of the I Pay Road Tax ones. (The IPRT website isn’t loading for me at the moment. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon.) The “You don’t pay road tax.” non argument is one of the weaker ones that certain drivers use to cover their sense of entitlement. The jerseys, and the campaign, may not stop them, but it may derail their train of thought long enough to let you put some logical arguments to them.

via Brian.