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Running a criminal empire is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman

I’m thinking of getting Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, which is an offline release of two of the GTA4 online games- The Lost And Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. But now I can’t stop thinking of it as The Ballad of Swiss Toni.

That might be an interesting game.

An architectural wander around Didsbury 2

Saint George

This wander wasn’t as thorough as it could have been- rain stopped play. So just some stuff on or near Wilmslow Road through Didsbury village. I’ll be getting on my bike and doing more wide ranging wanders later in the year.

Letter box

This horse themed letter box looks like it’s been sealed up.

B Oldfield

“B Oldfield [something] agent & dealer”


I don’t normally include new buildings in my wanders, but I liked the spike which runs down from the peak of the roof through the balconies.

Stained glass

I did a bit of post processing and masking with this one to bring out the colours of the stained glass.

Number 2 Passage

Number 2 Passage.

Church of England Girls' School

Didsbury Police Station

This is above one of the windows of the Didsbury Police station. I had to stand on the wall in front of their notice board to get a better angle. I shouldn’t tempt fate, but it seems that even then I wasn’t suspicious enough looking to be stopped by cops for photographing.

Didsbury Architecture

There were another two of these decorative thingies (I’m going to have to start learning the proper architectural names for stuff) on this house. They looked like they’d both been restored, but they were obscured by scaffolding so I couldn’t get pictures.

Didsbury Architecture

I noticed a few of these decorative roof toppers- again, I’ll have to learn the proper name- on houses along Barlow Moor Road.

The full set is on Flickr. Some of the images can be bought as prints from my Qoop store’s Manchester section.

Nuclear reactors that eat their own waste

I’m not keen on it, but I think nuclear power will have to be part of any low to no carbon future. There’s a lot of other stuff that should be done before going nuclear, but that’s another post.

The design of reactors which burn up most of their radioactive waste has to be a step in the right direction. As the article points out there are still a lot of other ethical and physical problems with the technology, but reducing the amount of stuff which has to be buried for millions of years is a good step in anyone’s book.

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