Daily archives: March 24, 2010

Is that #cashgordon or #crashgordon ?

A day can be a long time on the internet, and I’m two days late with this…..

In last month’s Wired there was an article about how the Conservatives learnt not to be afraid of the internet and craft themselves sophisticated online campaigning tools. (I can’t find the article on the Wired site, they do keep some stuff back so those of us who buy the magazine get something out of it.)

On Monday, however, the Tory web strategy didn’t prove all that clever. The latest creation was “Cash Gordon”, aimed at drawing attention to the money Labour gets from Unite and make a big deal of it. The site invited Twitter users to have their say and add the tag #cashgordon to their tweets, all of which would be displayed on the front page. The feed was unmoderated and quickly filled up with as many, if not more, anti-Tory tweets than the intended anti-Brown ones. Not only that, but it seems you can hijack this sort of feed with tweeted code that will redirect the page. Cue Rickrolling, porn and the Labour website appearing instead of the intended attack site.

Perhaps more embarrassing is the news that the Conservatives paid £10,000 for the site, and got something which came out of the box broken.

Goodbye New Moore Island

As the temperature rises so do the oceans- not just from the melting icecaps but also from thermal expansion of all the water in them. On the other hand, this is solving some international disagreements.

India and Bangladesh have argued over possession of New Moore Island (South Talpatti to Bangladesh) for 30 years, but they don’t have to any more. The island is now submerged.

Yesterday I was drawing a view, as from space, of India and its neighbours. Let’s hope it isn’t out of date by the time it gets published.