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There’s crazy, there’s stupid and there’s pompous. And then there’s Glenn Beck 1

Yes, the Obama administration want to kill Glenn Beck. In Glenn Beck’s head. There’s a reason I have a category called American Idiots.

Point of Contact shall feature a character called Ben Glock (unless I change my mind and use the man himself because no parody could be as extremely stupid as he is), who will look like a balloon on a stick propped inside a bad suit and saying the dumbest things possible whilst thinking he’s being clever.

Chorlton Green Festival

Chorlton Green Festival

Chorlton Green Festival was on Saturday. It was overcast but didn’t rain in the end, luckily for all the stalls that were outside. I chatted to Friends of the Earth and the local Green Party, blagged quite a few goodies and picked up a few leaflets.

Practical Cycles had a load of interesting bikes.

Manchester Free Software gave me a Linux boot disk. I may soon be in the position to det up a Linux box, if only to re-learn how to use it.

Little Valley Brewery had many interesting beers, but I didn’t think midday drinking, and potential falling off my bike, was such a good idea.

There are more pictures on Flickr.

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Objects of Desire- More Morris Minors

I’m not obsessed, honest, it’s just that all of a sudden I’m seeing them everywhere. I think it might have something to do with the Morris Minor Millennium Company, which is on Upper Chorlton Road.

This bunch were all in Chorlton, there was a cabriolet as well, but I spotted that whilst I was on my bike.

Chorlton Morris Minor Chorlton Morris Minor Chorlton Morris Minor Morris Minor Traveller Morris Minor Traveller

Point of Contact- too close an encounter

A big, big spaceship bearing down on our heroes. How will they get out of this?

A continuity note- I was making a complete hash for drawing George’s stripey top, so I’m going to stop. I’ll remove the stripes in all the previous pages when I redo some of the art for the print version.

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