Daily archives: April 16, 2010

Who’s afraid of the big bad Nick Clegg 1

I listened to the leaders’ debate on Radio 4 last night, so I didn’t get to judge any of the body language. And I’m easily distracted, so I kept reading stuff at the same time and not paying total attention. With those provisos I, like so many others, am going to declare Nick Clegg the winner. His constant referrals to “Sheffield, where I’m MP” grated a little, but it wasn’t as painful as Brown’s laboured attempts at jokes or Cameron’s smarm.

So the Lib Dem leader has gone from “Who?” to a refreshing alternative to the tired other two. Therefore his performance is being attacked by MPs from Labour and the Tories. Tom Harris- whose online persona I quite like, even if he has now slipped into bitchy campaign mode- tries to tell us the debate wasn’t that important after all. Meanwhile John Redwood- who’s unlikeable online or off- tries to throw some mud.

Congratulations to Nick Clegg. He’s got the two main parties worried. Certainly, he’s not going to be Prime Minister, but he could end up holding the balance of power and that’s got Labour and the Conservatives worried.

Non-repro blue

I’ve been finding, with the last few pages of comic I’ve drawn, that I have to mess around with brightness and contrast in Photoshop to cut down ghost images from pencils which haven’t erased properly. It’s time to go looking for an old artists’ tool. Non-repro, or non-photo, blue pencils are a colour which isn’t easily picked up by scanners, so is less likely to create blurs and shadows behind my inks.

A quick search found this comparison of blue leads for mechanical pencils, my drafting tool of choice. So, I’m going to get myself some Pilot Colour Eno Soft Blue leads, before they go out of stock. We’ll see if they make a difference.