Daily archives: May 11, 2010

Go on, Flattr me

I’ve been invited to sign up for a beta membership of Flattr, a new micropayment system for bloggers and other content creators. Flattr members pay into the site’s kitty and elect to give away a set amount every month. This money is divided evenly amongst content they choose to Flattr. Say you like this post, then you just press the Flattr button (there will be a button on it when I work out how to embed one) and that click is added to your total for the month. At the end of the month your clicks are totalled up and your money is split evenly between them- if I’m the only person you’ve graced with a Flattr all month it all goes to me, if you’ve Flattr’d ten people I get a tenth. The idea is that money shall flow to and from Flattrers, with the most interesting content getting the most income.

It’s still in Beta, but you can sign up to be invited to join. But if you’re interested in Flattring me or finding out more pop over to the site and tell them so.