The new Transport Secretary is a danger to my safety

If Phillip Hammond is as clueless as he sounds then he’s going to make my life more dangerous. While some cyclists put themselves at risk through their behaviour there are a far larger number of drivers endangering other people with their actions. And they don’t even have to be the sort of idiot who thinks the road belongs to them. A member of Team Spinneyhead now has a broken collarbone after an otherwise mild mannered and pleasant driver opened their car door on him.

Drivers need to be more aware of what goes on around them, and how all the things which make them safer distance them from, and endanger, the rest of us. They need to go slower on most urban roads and be removed completely from some. And they need to see more cyclists on the roads, which isn’t going to happen if the policy on cycling is “build more off road paths and they’ll go away”.