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links for 2010-06-10

  • Eric Fischer's "Locals and Tourists" Flickr set uses geotags to compare photos taken by locals (people whose photos come from the same city, over long terms) and tourists (people whose photos come from a city for less than a month, and who have some other city they usually post from) and produces colored maps showing the difference. Readers use Flickr's annotator to add explanatory notes.
  • Aspiring sf film makers, take note: "From June 4 through September 15, 2010, the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival will accept short film submissions, up to 15 minutes in length, that have been produced after 2006 for entry into the competition.
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  • This July as part of Urban Moves, Manchester’s outdoor festival of contemporary dance, there’s a chance to show off your cycling skills in a highly original way.

    The Bicycle Ballet, a spectacular dance performance on bicycles, is looking for 80 local cyclists to join in a mass performance in the city centre, and we need cycling enthusiasts to sign up now.