links for 2010-06-20

  • From time to time one guy that is fond of collecting old photo cameras comes across old photofilms which were left behind. Author of these shots is unfortunately unknown as well as any other facts about origin of the photographs. We can just guess, but it surely looks like some rescue squad to the North Pole in old 50-60’s.
  • One talented guy makes crossbows from Turkish hazel-wood. For details of this Avatar inspired beauty he uses silver and greenstone.
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  • In Ukraine, Crimea, not so far from Sevastopol, in the village of Kacha lots of different air fleet species draw their duty. They are amphibian aircrafts BE-12, military cargo planes AN-26, search-and-rescue helicopters KA-27PS as well as antisubmarine KA-27PL ones. And though many of them are 40 odd years old, they are battle-ready night and day and eager to attain any combat task in the territory of the Black Sea, and, in particular, Crimea.