links for 2010-07-01

  • Spurred by an administration he believes to be guilty of numerous transgressions, self-described American patriot Kyle Mortensen, 47, is a vehement defender of ideas he seems to think are enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and principles that brave men have fought and died for solely in his head.
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  • A charity is hoping to double the number of lives saved by encouraging its donors to spit.

    Currently blood samples are used to determine bone marrow type for potential matches, which means a trip to the doctors.

    But from 1 July the leukaemia charity, Anthony Nolan Trust, is launching a new way for people to join its register.

    They will ask for a saliva sample, which can be given from the comfort of your own home.

  • By midsummer 1981, when the then-unknown, now-notorious Henry Rollins joined Black Flag as its fourth singer, the South Bay–based punk band had already tasted some extremely hard-earned success. Despite a set of severe hurdles — from an initial difficulty in getting local club gigs and a record deal to sensational “punk violence!” coverage by the news media and constant harassment of both the band and its fans by police — Black Flag had managed to self-release three EPs, tour North America several times, and grow from playing to a couple of dozen people at a San Fernando Valley coffeehouse to headlining shows at the Santa Monica Civic and Olympic Auditorium.

    Black Flag accomplished this by developing a do-it-yourself work and business ethic which, although common in jazz, rhythm & blues and folk circles for decades, was almost unique for American rock bands at the time. It was an ethic that was hugely effective, and one that would prove hugely influential over the next two decades.

  • A big factory in Russia where the armed vehicles for the army are being produced. The coolest photos might be of a basin where they test for swim the new made vehicles.