links for 2010-07-10

  • Here's the bottom line: In a massive, multinational report there were 35 errors found. Many of them typos. They don't change any of the fundamental, mainstream conclusions about climate change. Also, the IPCC could stand to do a better job of communicating the inherent uncertainties of climate science with the public.
  • The German attack against coastal shipping had started at the beginning of July. However, the official date of the beginning of the Battle was fixed on July 10th. The first German aircraft picked up by radar were reconnaissance planes looking for convoys which could be attacked.
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  • Nazi Germany may have lost the war but certainly not for lack of engineering genius. The sheer amount of advanced weaponry and concepts dreamed up during the Thousand-Year Reich’s 12 years in business continues to baffle the mind. 800 mm artillery pieces? Check. The world’s first jet fighter, cruise missile, and sub-orbital ballistic missile? Check, check, and check.
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