Where to buy books by Ian Pattinson

I’ve realised I’m slacking off from my self-promotional duties and some of you don’t know about all the products I have out there which you can buy. So I’m going to do a few posts telling you about the many cool things you can buy which will also support Spinneyhead. Let’s start with books.

Sounds of Soldiers, So Much To Answer For and Global Weirding are available in print through my store at Lulu.com. If you have a Kindle e-book reader (or computer, iPod,iPhone or iPad with the Kindle software), you can buy all three novellas, and some short stories, as Post and Publish.

Ruby Red is available as a download through Lulu or for the Kindle.

When you buy any of these books, or if you’ve already sampled them, please leave a rating on the relevant site to tell others how much you enjoyed them. Thanks.