Artists wanted for a horror/action comic

I’ve actually put out this call before, but circumstances kept me from following up the one reply I got.

If you’re following Point of Contact you’ll have noticed that updates can be sporadic and the quality of art variable. Whilst I’m quite proud of Standing on India other pages make me wince. I’ll keep sitting down and doing pages when I can, but I’m going to need help, and better artists, for some of my other projects.

The project I want to get started on has the working title of Post. It’s an action oriented horror tale which turns some of the premises of zombie/plague stories on their heads. A teaserish description-

The virus release looked like an anticlimax. Few people got ill, almost no-one died. It was so well planned, for so little effect. The world went back to normal quickly. But then a few of the people who had been exposed began to change. Some subtly, some less so, but they all became something beyond human. And they spread the virus further. Only a tiny fraction of everyone exposed would be affected, but they would change the face of humanity for ever.

If they could escape the authorities intent on controlling and conscripting them and the mobs that wanted to kill them.

I see a multi stranded story following some of the people infected at the first release, members of the crazy cult who engineered it, Police and politicians trying to cope with it and members of the vigilante mobs which spring up. I see it as the equivalent of a 15, or maybe 18, rated film with violence, strong language and nudity (male and female, I strive to be equal opportunity). There shall be shootouts, bug hunts, angry stone throwing crowds, sexy genetically enhanced men and women and an abandoned Soviet era science city. I’d like to talk format and character design with an artist or artists with an eye to producing a 22-36 page first issue to introduce the story and pitch to publishers/ serialise online/ sell direct (whichever one seems most likely to work). Drop me a line in the comments or at spinneyhead at gmail dot com. Preferably do both, my spam filter’s quite strict and I might miss you otherwise.