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  • I built a little MG-TC some while ago now and an interest has been shown in the reproduction of the wire wheels.
    rather than a long and involved tutorial what I've done is to put together a more concise "Pictorial".
    The pic's are in a seqence and should make a readable instruction of sorts – at least it should point you in a direction at which to aim?
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  • What we have here is a very customized 1949 ford. This car is currently under construction but is a fully functioning running, driving, vehicle that I can attest to as being very reliable. The motor and tranny are 93 Mustang 5.0 with the AOD. They were pulled from a car with 33,000 miles on it. It utilizes the engine wiring harness from the Mustang as well as a new painless wiring system for the rest. The car is also equipped with a Hot Rod Air air conditioning system that blows cold. This car has so many different custom touches that I will outline them beolw in detail. This car is fun and cool just the way it is as a rat rod and maybe you do nothing with but enjoy it the way it is. My plan was to make into a finished custom car but I'm not going to be able to make that happen and I need the room so it must go. This car is sectioned, chopped, nosed, decked, bagged,shaved, frenched, peaked, etc. This is a one of a kind car!
  • The October 1957 issue of a pocket-sized magazine called Custom Cars features a ten-page article entitled "The Secrets of Body Sectioning." The article was based on the work of Valley Custom, and included instructions for chopping ten iconic 1940s and early-to-mid-1950s Fords, Mercurys, and Chevrolets. Using that article as inspiration, we've adapted and simplified the techniques for sectioning car models.

A short architectural wander down Palatine Road

Calderbank Chambers

A very short wander, because I only went to get pictures of one building. Calderbank Chambers is one of those places I must have passed hundreds of times over the years, but it’s well worth stopping for a closer look, if only for the ornate main entrance. Someone started with the cherubs and the leaves and just couldn’t stop. And then there’s the turret/spire butting out from one corner, perfect for looking down on the oiks as they walk past on the way to the Jobcentre.

Calderbank Chambers Calderbank Chambers Calderbank Chambers