links for 2010-08-19

  • Self-proclaimed climate change sceptics are preparing to reignite the controversy over the emails hacked from the University of East Anglia, but there is clear evidence that they have misled the public about the significance of the messages.
  • We've had so much record heat around the world lately that the records themselves are setting records: 17 nations have reached new temperature highs, a new record for records in a year. Pakistan hit (129F) 54C, a new record for all of Asia. Moscow had never hit 100F (38C) before; lately it's been a rare day when the mercury settles lower.

    Now scientists have confirmed what's been pretty obvious: the entire world has just come through the warmest six months, the warmest year, and the warmest decade on record. Following the hottest June ever, yesterday said July was the second hottest July recorded – and the warmest ever for land temperatures alone.

  • A disease that first emerged in the UK in 2005 has caused a severe decline in the number of greenfinches and chaffinches, according to researchers.

    In the worst affected areas, greenfinch populations have fallen by an estimated 35% and in 2007 about 500,000 birds of all species were killed, they say.

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