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  • We have already seen the exterior of ekranoplans and today we are going to see the stuff never published before – the inside view of ekranoplans.
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  • There is no place for God in theories on the creation of the Universe, Professor Stephen Hawking has said.

    He had previously argued belief in a creator was not incompatible with science but in a new book, he concludes the Big Bang was an inevitable consequence of the laws of physics.

    The Grand Design, part serialised in the Times, says there is no need to invoke God to set the Universe going.

    "Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something," he concluded.

  • For the uninitiated, homeopathy works on the principal of like curing like or of like preventing like, as eminent homeologist Crispian Jago explains. A remedy containing babies therefore prevents pregnancy.

    Conventional contraceptive pills are full of harmful, unnatural chemicals with side-effects and have a failure rate of up to 8%, which means that for every 100 times you have sex, you will get pregnant eight times. The numbers do not lie. Do you want to take that risk? Dr Kendall's Homeopathic Contraceptive pills are for every woman who cares about her body.

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