Atheists are Nazis and promoting health and prosperity is more evil than child abuse? Papally inspired stupidity 8

So, it’s been the first day of the Pope’s long weekend in Britain. He got off to a good start by implying that Nazism arose from atheism and modern secular society is headed down a similar path. It’s basically that old unfounded Christian lament that the belief system which still holds an unwarranted influence over the country’s politics is being discriminated against, but with added “unbelievers are evil!”. Hitler’s beliefs are open to debate, as they are in this comment thread on Richard Dawkins’ site, but a great many Nazis professed to be Christians, the Catholic church’s record during WW2 was less than perfect and it was the godless hordes of Soviet Russia who sacrificed the most to put an end to the evil.

Pope Rat should sack his speech writers and any advisers who thought that spouting this sort of nonsense was a good idea.

A selection of eminent humanists wrote a letter to the Guardian attacking the elevation of the Pope’s visit to that of a state visit, pointing out some of the crimes the Vatican “state” is guilty of and questioning its right to be given the same recognition as real countries. Stephen Fry is justifiably proud of being vilified by the Daily Mail for his signing of the letter. I’m jealous, I’ve long wanted to be hated by the Daily Mail. It’s been one of my ambitions for several years. Sadly I am not as eloquent as Mr Fry, nor yet known, let alone as well known as he. Maybe one day.

The letter also attracted the attention of Stewart Cowan, one of the less enlightened bloggers I follow for entertainment value. Cowan throws around some stupid insults, but makes no intelligent or coherent points and no doubt, in his head, thinks he’s won the argument. In Cowan’s bizarro world family planning, disease prevention, compassion and education are all greater evils than child abuse. Thinking like Cowan’s and the Pope’s is the cause of far more harm than anything done by the people they want to blame.

8 thoughts on “Atheists are Nazis and promoting health and prosperity is more evil than child abuse? Papally inspired stupidity

  • Stewart Cowan

    I was quite insulting, I admit it, but not without good reason, I feel. Humanists are proving to be just as bad, if not worse, a crowd as any crazy religious cult.

    I notice you don’t really address the intelligent and coherent points I made!

    • Ian Pattinson

      I didn’t find anything intelligent or coherent to address, just nonsensical assertions based upon your anger towards people who dare to think for themselves and are proving kinder and more decent than yourself and the Pope because of it.

    • Ian Pattinson

      And then you said that the positive actions the Pope and yourself stand against are worse than child abuse. Did you read all the way to the end of your post?

  • Stewart Cowan

    First of all, I’m not a fan of the Pope, never mind his spokesman.

    I explained that the other things aren’t the “positive actions” humanists believe them to be, e.g. dishing out condoms has had an overall negative effect. It doesn’t excuse in any way the bad things the Roman Catholic church has been involved in.

    And humanists find it hard to think for themselves as you have shown by not claiming to have found anything intelligent or coherent to address.

    • Ian Pattinson

      I followed the link you claim backs up your assertion about condoms and three links down have yet to find any link to anyone other than themselves repeating what they want to hear. We’ve been over this before. Repeating the lies which you want to believe doesn’t make them true. Condoms are a barrier method, whilst they’re not perfect every time they are used the chance of pregnancy or transmission of disease drops incredibly. If the Catholic church preached abstinence, fidelity AND barrier methods it would have a great effect. But they don’t, they absolutely reject an important tool in reducing disease and cutting unwanted pregnancy, so I have no respect for them.

      It’s amusing how you’d only say I was thinking for myself if I started parroting your nonsense beliefs without questioning them.

  • Stewart Cowan


    Please think about what you’ve just written,

    “Condoms are a barrier method, whilst they’re not perfect every time they are used the chance of pregnancy or transmission of disease drops incredibly.”

    We can see from the data in our own country that diseases have risen dramatically as use of contraception has increased.

    • Ian Pattinson

      If you’re talking about the recent report about a rise in STDs amongst people tested you’re missing the second part, which is fair, it wasn’t well publicised for some dumb reason. The number of positive STD results had risen, but so had the number of people being tested. The proportion of positive results had actually dropped. Contraception is less effective if people aren’t taught and reminded how to use it. And it’s people like you and the Pope who make a loud noise and discourage schools and the government from running mature and effective education. I’ve long thought the Dutch approach is a good one, but to properly introduce it, and keep it in place long enough to see positive results, would take more balls than any British politician has demonstrated.

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