Lost Contact

It’s fairly obvious by now, but Point of Contact has stalled. I hit a few weeks when I didn’t have the time to get a page done. Then those weeks became a month and on it went. It’s a shame, because I did some pages I was really proud of on the story. (I did some other pages which just make me wince, but we won’t mention those.)

Hopefully the story will return, but when it does I’ll have to back track a few pages. The action had shifted to Afghanistan, and that just wasn’t working. Add the fact that the situation in Afghanistan is pretty fluid and, at the rate I was drawing pages, events were likely to overtake the story before I’d even finished an issue’s worth of art. I shall go away and, should Point of Contact return, come back with a better first outing for the kids in their power suits.

I still want to do some sequential art storytelling, but future projects will have to be handled differently. It’s unlikely, next time I draw any comics, that I’ll publish any stuff here until after I’ve finished drawing it. I’d like to do some shorter tales, and possibly something similar to the old style newspaper strips. I’m thinking of dividing the comic pages into three horizontally and treating each of those tiers as a day’s strip, with occasional full page spreads to break up the rhythm. However, I only have some very rough ideas of what sort of stories to do. Keep coming back to find out where I end up going with this one.