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  • It's not quite an adamantium skeleton, but new titanium foam could revolutionize bone implants. The material can integrate with the patient's natural bone, reducing the stress on both the original bone and the implant and making the overall skeleton stronger.
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  • The racing driver, who played the character of The Stig for seven years on the show, said he was looking forward to taking on presenting roles of his own.

    He is currently in talks with companies for shows on terrestrial and satellite channels that will perform even more outlandish stunts than those attempted on Top Gear.

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  • Forensic Entomologist Amoret Whitaker explains how the study of the fly's life cycle can help homicide detectives catch murderers, by giving them information about how long ago a person is likely to have died.

    Here she gives BBC News a tour of her working environment, including the 'insectory', at the Natural History Museum.

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  • The world's biggest offshore wind farm off Kent has been officially opened.

    Swedish energy giant Vattenfall said the 100 turbines are expected to generate enough electricity to power 200,000 homes.

    Energy Secretary Chris Huhne is visiting the project, which has been built seven miles (12km) off Foreness Point in Thanet.

Let’s take bot-crossing global

I’ve been releasing GIs and Transformers almost everywhere I’ve travelled for the last three and a half years, an ongoing memorial to Andy. Now I want to step things up, and I’d like to enlist your help.

I want to send GIs and Transformers all over the world. So, if you would like your own numbered memorial soldier or robot all that’s needed is a small donation to postage and I will send you one. All I ask in return is that you send back a picture of them in an interesting location for me to publish. Any profit after sending out the troops will be donated to the JustGiving page set up in Andy’s memory.

White vans, man. Transfers for OO light commercial vehicles

White vans

There are quite a few 1:76th scale vans available for the railway modeller these days. But do you want the ones on your layout to have the same business names as everyone else’s?

This set of six liveries is available for smaller vans- as shown on the Escort van, but they should also fit Vivas and other little vans- or Transit size. Alternatively, I can create bespoke transfers for six different companies on your layout. The basic set costs £2.50, custom sets are £20.